The annual fire industry expo showcasing the latest in fire safety innovations and prevention technology is almost here again. We have been looking at the trends appearing in the run up to the event.

fire-safety-innovations-future-technologyThe industry are continuing to push sensor technology to detect smoke more quickly and with more reliability, resulting in fewer false activations. More intelligence in detectors is making products smarter, more efficient and easier to use.

Another trend is developing alarms that don’t just alert you, but also guide you out of the building.

Some of the new fire detectors are working with technology which can identify invisible fire particles which are unseen by laser or LED sensors. These work to detect fire and smoke from many more types of fires.

These alarms have intelligence in the sensors which make independent alarm signal decisions, providing immunity to false alarms caused by dust, humidity and temperature changes.

Another new product is a specialist sensor to prevent fires caused by cookers. This new technology includes a sensor attached to the cooker hood, and a control unit attached to the cooker. When the sensor in the cooker hood detects unusual levels of heat it signals the control unit in the cooker which cuts off the electricity or gas supply. This technology has proved of great interest to owners of student properties.

One of our favourite new products is the pillow alarm. This alarm is specially designed for those who are deaf or hard or hearing, alerting them of a fire while they are asleep. The battery powered unit sits comfortably in the pillow and is activated on hearing the sound of your smoke alarm.

These are just a few of the products which are appearing on the market within the fire industry as technology continues to advance.

Are there any fire safety innovations you would like to see developed in the future?