It’s the time of the year that we love – holiday season! Where will you stay? Here at Keybury, we are considering how to keep your holiday safe. The question on our minds is: How important is fire safety to you when choosing your holiday accommodation?

Booking a hotel has never been easier, with the endless websites and brochures holiday makers are spoilt for choice. Websites make selecting your preferred hotel easy, allowing you to sort or search hotels by price, location, facilities or even car parking. Currently, ‘Fire Safe’ rating is not an option.

In October 2006, we saw the Fire Safety Order implemented within the UK. Since then, the safety within hotels across the country have benefited. With tighter standards across the board, hotels have consequently received penalties in order to improve their fire safety. Check out this blog to see how far the industry has come since 2012 and what major incidents have forced a definite changes in legislation.

With millions of tourists per year taking to websites such as ‘Trip Advisor’, maybe it’s time for the fire safety industry to implement the same star ratings used in food hygiene and hotel ratings? Most holiday makers may not know all the standards and legislations behind fire safety, but a star rating system would make choosing a safe hotel easy.

Would you welcome a scheme which regularly and randomly inspects fire safety standards? We believe this would be a really positive improvement and ultimately drive up the quality in fire safety.

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