fireworksFire and Rescue services encourage people to attend an organised bonfire event, rather than hosting their own at home. Supermarkets have hit the headlines this week by announcing that they won’t be selling fireworks. So should fireworks be available to the public?

Firework Figures

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service are bracing themselves for one of the busiest nights of the year. They received almost 400 emergency calls on Bonfire night 2018. Roughly 20% of these were bonfires that were out of control and posing a danger. Over 4,000 people attended A&E in England as a result of an injury caused by a firework in 2017 – and half of those were under 18.
Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service Watch Manager for Prevention, Edward Burrows, said “Safety is our main consideration and we are encouraging members of the public to attend a safely organised bonfire and firework display , reducing the risk of any accidents or injuries.  When emergency services are called to attend unsafe bonfires or avoidable fire vandalism it means they may have to be diverted away from life threatening accidents and emergencies with potentially tragic consequences.”

Organised displays

Have you considered going to an organised event? Organised firework displays are considered to be much safer than having bonfires or fireworks at home. You’re much less likely to be injured at a professionally organised event. Bonfires take a lot more planning than you might think. Professional organisers don’t use flammable liquids or household waste on a bonfire. They will often have approval for their event from local councils and they work with other local organisations such as the police and St Johns’ Ambulance. Organisers check and remove any rubbish that others might have thrown on and to make sure there are no animals or children hiding inside. These events always arrange for fire extinguishers, buckets of sand and buckets of water to be available on the night. Those involved in organising the event will have planned for what to do in an emergency, and they practise safety drills before the event.

Petrified Pets

As you know, at Keybury we really care about pets! Bonfire night can be a very stressful time for our furry friends. Remember to keep them indoors, and walk dogs before dark on bonfire night. The dogs trust offer tips for keeping your dogs happy on bonfire night.

Bonfire Night Burglars

Burglars know that many homes will be empty on 5th November as we’re out at organised events. Insurance company LV report receiving as many as 42% more burglary claims on Bonfire night compared to an ordinary autumn night. Claims for criminal damage and fires also shoot up. To avoid becoming part of this statistic, we recommend that you make sure your house is secure before heading out. Lock your doors and windows and always set your intruder alarm. A smart security system will alert you to any alarm activation, as will a monitored system.