Businesses across the region are putting plans in place to reopen after months of lock down.  If you’re amongst them, you may be busy writing COVID policy for safe working with social distancing. You may be juggling which members of staff will return from furlough, setting up an appointments system and advertising your reopening date to your customers.
Sorry to add to your to do list but…

…do you have “business fire safety checks” on there?

It’s recommended that you carry out business fire safety checks including updating your fire risk assessment and check fire doors, escape routes and training plans. Check that fire exit doors can be opened easily and that escape routes are not blocked.

Do NOT wedge open fire doors.

One of your business fire safety checks is fire doors. You might be tempted to prop them open to reduce the chance of passing on COVID 19 through door handles but it really does compromise the fire safety of the building. Instead regularly clean door handles or consider an automatic access control system which can be linked to your fire alarm.

Fire Alarm

You will also need to arrange for your fire alarm to be serviced. This should be carried out by a competent person. Keybury are both BAFE and NSI Gold approved for the maintenance of fire alarm systems. WYFRS advise that “Arrangements should be made to ensure the whole system is inspected and serviced in accordance with the maintenance recommendations described in British Standard 5839 Part 1.”
Test your fire alarm and make sure that automatic fire doors, sprinklers and other systems linked to your fire alarm system are working as they should. We post regular reminders for this on our social media pages with #TestItTuesday posts. Why not follow us?

Fire Extinguishers

Arrange for your fire extinguishers to be serviced to ensure they are still in working order and legally compliant. If you need to use them in an emergency situation would they work? Ensure that your staff are trained and know how to use them too.

Emergency Lightning

Emergency lighting should be inspected and serviced as per British Standard 5266-1. WYFRS recommend that this is “operated prior to the readmission of people” to make sure it is working. These lights make sure you can find your way out in an emergency.

The good news…

At Keybury we can service ALL THREE of these systems in one visit.
✅ Fire Alarm
✅ Fire Extinguishers
✅ Emergency Lighting
We’re adhering to COVID safety requirements including keeping a minimum 2m distance whilst working on site, all our engineers carry PPE and wipes to clean equipment after carrying out the service.
Contact us today to book your service 01535 661197 or