New data from the office of national statistics gives us an insight into home burglaries, and what can be done to prevent them. These data for the year ending March 2023 show trends over the last decade as well as when and how burglaries occurred.

Night time crime

According to the latest data, 68% of home burglaries took place between 6pm and 6am. This statistic highlights the importance of using a home alarm system to protect your home overnight. Should someone gain entry, an armed home alarm system would sound and alert anyone in the house. This is likely to scare away any intruder, and gives you chance to call the police. It’s also likely to wake your neighbours and draw attention to your home. Do you set your house alarm at night?

most burglaries occur

do you set your house alarm at night?

Point of Entry

Whilst movies show all sorts of elaborate break ins, the truth is that 73% of home burglaries are through a door. And one in ten is through an unlocked door! Overlooking the basics can put your home security at risk. Check windows and doors are locked. It’s a good idea to lock your door even when you’re at home. If you’re watching TV in the living room are you likely to hear someone sneaking in through the door? The clever chime feature of your house alarm can alert you to your front door being opened. As the weather gets warmer, remember to lock your front door when you’re out in the garden too.

Home and Garden

1 in 4 burglars gain entry from the back of the house. Checking that your garden is secure can help protect this aspect of your home. Check fences for damage and lock gates. Tidy away tools and ladders which could help an intruder to break into to your home. If you store these items in your garden shed make sure to secure the shed too. Strong locks and linked intruder alarm systems can help to ensure this. A CCTV system can offer all round protection for your home, no matter where an intruder attempts to access the property. One in ten break in from the side of the house, so don’t neglect this area.

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