Home security advice is central to the national home security month’s mission. The campaign is in it’s tenth year and takes place in October each year. This month is specifically chosen as it’s when the clocks go back and marks the start of the spike in crime so often seen in autumn and winter. National Home Security month aims to tackle this spike by sharing home security advice. Improved home security should lead to fewer burglaries and safer streets.

Keybury have supported this campaign for many years. We bring home security advice and solutions to the residents of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Our blogs and videos offer tips to protect your home.

Common Sense Home Security Advice

Most home security measures are really common sense; for example making sure your doors and windows are secure, and remembering to set your house alarm. It’s important to set your house alarm at night as well as whenever you go out. Do you set your house alarm when you go to bed? If there’s a reason you’re not using your house alarm, have a read of this blog. Our team are on hand to help you with any house alarm related queries, so give us a call!

Keeping your home well maintained can deter criminals – for example make sure any damaged fence panels are repaired to avoid giving burglars an easy route in. One tip which might surprise you is to lay gravel – the crunching noise it makes means an opportunistic thief cannot creep around outside your home so easily! Of course CCTV is repeatedly cited as the best burglar deterrent. Criminals will avoid spots where they might be recorded. Good quality CCTV footage can be used as evidence if you do have an incident.

Anti snap locks are important to help protect your home. Burglars gain access through a door in three quarters of home burglaries, so checking your doors and locks are up to scratch is … key! Doorbell cameras are a very popular to help protect the front door.

Being a good neighbour is one other common sense measure. Did you know that 85% of people said they would watch over a neighbours’ house when they are away? This can be invaluable home security protection.

NHSM has this handy tip:

When checking to see if your locks need changing, using a simple £1 coin trick can help to test if your
cylinder could be easily compromised by lock snapping and if you need a new, more secure lock.
If your lock cylinder protrudes more than the depth of a £1 coin, then your lock could be easily snapped, and potentially broken into. This quick and easy trick can highlight if your cylinder needs replacing and can help to prevent your home being left vulnerable.

NHSM 2022

Security advice is also available on the police.uk website, and shared by neighbourhood watch.

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