You’re probably not using your home security app to it’s potential. Here’s how to get the most from your smart burglar alarm.

5 Brilliant ways to use your home security app

home security app

1. Manage How Your Alarm Is Set

Now that restrictions have been lifted and overnight stays are permitted, many of us are travelling to see relatives and friends for long overdue catch ups. If you’re lucky enough to be hosting friends this summer, use your home security app. You can still set your house alarm at night, even if someone is sleeping on your couch. Simply access your app and switch off the lounge sensor.

Our customers often switch to pet friendly sensors to accommodate a new puppy, but what if you’re pet sitting? The app allows you to temporarily turn off the kitchen sensor whilst you’re looking after your mum’s dog.

2. Update Your Notification Preferences

Plenty of people have their app set up to notify them if the alarm goes off. But did you know that your app can notify you when the alarm is set and unset? You can set this universally or be more selective. Some people might choose who to set this for, so only the dog walker leaving or your teenager arriving home will trigger alerts.

3. Stay in bed

Imagine you’ve just climbed into bed after a long day, settled down and then a question creeps into your mind… “Did I set the alarm?” Rather than having to go back down and check, you can simply look at your phone. The home security app will tell you if your house alarm is set or unset. And if you forgot, you can set it on the app too!

You can also use the app to unset your alarm first thing in the morning before even getting out of bed. This can be useful for anyone with carers coming in to the house.

4. Know about activations

Should your alarm activate, the app will notify you. It will also tell you whereabouts the alarm has been activated, eg the kitchen or the hallway. You can then decide whether this is something to worry about or not. The home security app will even show you footage at the time of the activation if you have both the CCTV & intruder alarm app.

This clever combination can help you decide what action to take: If your dog has illegal entered the lounge simply silence the alarm and switch of the lounge sensor. If something more serious seems to be happening you can call the police. Of course you can combine the home security app with a police monitored intruder alarm for complete peace of mind.

5. Link up properties

Your home security app has the capacity for more than one system. You can monitor and control your own home alarm, your parent’s system and your business system all in one app. These is even room for several security cameras, keeping all your security in one place.

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