Before you go… here’s a handy checklist

The lock down restrictions are being relaxed more than ever this weekend. Hair salons, hotels, museums and pubs are all on the checklist for the places that can open their doors from 4th July. Homes will be left empty as many people head off to enjoy the new freedoms. Before you go… We’ve put together a quick home security checklist. And it’s in a handy acronym: ALARM.

✅ Alarm set

Remember to set your alarm when you’re going out. It sounds obvious but apparently some people don’t set their alarm when they go out. set your alarm checklist meme Always set your alarm when you go out, whether it’s for a half an hour’s dog walk or a weekend away. An intruder would be stopped in their tracks by a loud alarm, and a monitored system will alert the home owner to the alarm activation. Get into the routine of setting it as you leave. If you need extra setting fobs, just ask. Find out why you should also set your alarm at night. If you have separate security systems on outbuildings such as a garage remember to set those too.

Locked up

Do a “perimeter check” of the house to make sure your windows and doors are secured before you leave. It’s a good idea to make sure any garden gates are also locked and keep fences in a good state of repair. Don’t make it easy for someone to get in. If you have a garage, shed or any other outbuildings you should also check that they are locked up and secure.

✅ App checked

Make sure you have the latest version of the home security app downloaded and that you know your password to log in. The app is invaluable to check your CCTV and to receive real time alerts from your intruder alarm.

alarm app checklist


✅ Routines changed

If you are going away for the weekend – or longer – don’t let your routines give you away. Cancel your paper or milk delivery. You could use timers on your lights too. Have a look at these tips to keep your house secure when you’re on holiday.

✅ Maintenance

Tedious as it sounds, routine maintenance is the way to keep your home security in tip top condition. This includes your security cameras and your intruder alarm system. With Keybury maintenance you can be confident that your system is working properly and that if there are any issues you can get a priority response 24/7. Follow our social media accounts for more hints and tips.