Although Christmas Day sees a drop in theft insurance claims (down by an average of 69%), New Year’s Eve sees a spike in burglaries, as well as an increase in fire incidents.

According to Aviva, thefts jumps by 8% on New Year’s Eve as more homes are left unoccupied to go to parties.  The number has fallen in recent years as many opt to celebrate at home, but the number of claims is still higher than the average.  Although the number of claims have dropped overall (there was an increase of 22% in 2009), the cost of the claims have increased as more expensive gifts are being exchanged.

New Year’s Eve also sees the highest number of accidental damage claims and an increase in fire claims by 50%.

Remember to keep your newly acquired Christmas gifts out of view from windows when you leave your home.  Expensive tech gifts are very popular, including TVs, tablets, laptops and smartphones.  Experts urge people to insure their expensive gifts as soon as possible.  Be sure you dispose of the packing appropriately so you aren’t leaving branded boxes stacked up outside your house and advertising your new contents to opportunist burglars!

It’s a good idea to leave some lights on when you do head out to a party to give the appearance that someone is at home.  Also double check windows and doors are properly locked and your alarm system is set.

Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity around your neighbourhood, your neighbours will appreciate you looking out for their property if they are away.

We hope these home security tips will help  you to feel more secure and your home and gifts safe during the celebrations.