It’s officially summer! (Someone tell the weather). The schools have broken up and home schooling lessons have finished! The restrictions on the leisure industry are lifting. Pubs and restaurants are reopening, along with museums, zoos and hotels and camp sites. All this sets alarm bells ringing for us. If you’re all going out more, your homes will be empty more often, and more vulnerable.  So: here’s how to keep your home safe this summer.

keep your home safe this summer

Keep you home safe with CCTV

CCTV security cameras are an excellent deterrent and often cited as one of the most effective home security measures around. Remote viewing means you can view your home even when you’re away so it’s an ideal gadget to help to keep your home safe this summer. We recently saw a popular day time TV program touting off-the-shelf kits. Be wary that these rarely meet industry standards and if you do fix it up yourself you’ll need to make sure all your camera views are not in breach of data protection. We often receive calls from members people who have ordered a kit on line and then just can’t make it work. Alternatively you could choose a recommended local supplier to install your CCTV system. They will advise the best locations for your cameras. Experienced security system designers make sure your system matches what you need in terms of image quality and recording. Choose a local CCTV installer and you’ll have the reassurance that if you need help in the future you can get it. We recently had a call from a customer who was stranded abroad due to COVID. They couldn’t view their cameras on their iPad. Our engineer was able to help them remotely and get them up and running again. CCTV is there when you can’t be. Our clever app combines both CCTV & Intruder alarm to put all your security in one place.

safe summer

Summer safety: It can be as simple as doors & windows

According to the Neighbour Hood Watch group, one in three burglaries occur due to an open or unlocked window or door. Simple measures can help to protect your property. We’ll be hoping for warm weather this summer but be wary of leaving your windows open. Always close and lock them when you are out. Keep your doors locked too. Remember to keep your keys in a safe place – don’t leave them in the door. Local police force social media accounts offer security tips to help keep your home safe and secure.

Smart summer security – how an intruder alarm can keep your home safe this summer

Smart intruder alarm systems give you remote control and real time notifications. A modern backlit bell box highlights your security. Using a local approved security company with a well known name warns would be intruders that your system could be police monitored. App based security systems notify you when the system is set and unset as well as alerting you to an activation. For more home security tips follow us on our social channels. You’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn.

keep your home safe this summer

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