Improving the Working Environment

For over three decades now Keybury have understood that to deliver a first class service you need a first class team. We work hard to recruit the best, develop the best and keep the best team.

Throughout the year we constantly provide training, both internal and external, as well as organising social / charity events and of course the annual team day.

The move to our new offices in 2014, due to continued expansion, helped in improving the working environment because it was a more modern, spacious building and allowed the staff to be housed in one open plan office for the first time in over three decades.

This year we decided to see if we could improve on things further. A range of suggestions from the staff have been implemented including displaying framed photographs of inspiring landscapes all photographed by Keybury team members.


The office, stairs and canteen have had a real facelift with bright colours, new carpets, wall scapes and even pool table, air hockey and a Playstation being installed in the canteen.

We strongly believe a happy team provides a great service and in turn breeds happier customers.