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Innovative Security Ideas

4 Decades of innovative security

Innovation for our customers

Keybury was founded in 1982 at a time when intruder alarms were a fairly new and innovative security measure. Since then the security industry has developed and so have we. We keep abreast of new innovations and new technologies so that our customers can access the best security available.



From Typewriters to tablets

New technology across the business

The types of technology used have changed enormously over the past four decades across the board. It’s not just innovative security that we are abreast of. The typewriters in the office have been replaced with PCs and tablets. PDAs of the 21st century and instant communication have changed how our engineers work. They recieve instant updates so no longer need to call from the nearest payphone to check which jobs had come in.

Ringing in the changes

New Tech Systems

Intruder alarms have developed through the years. Read our blog on the bell box changes. The most modern boxes are “backlit” which means they light up. This really highlights your property as secure. Intruder alarms are no longer just about the bell. Systems have developed with more accurate monitoring. Alarms can be controlled and monitored from your smart phone as part of the development of smart homes.  Many people now choose wireless systems which use the latest technology to secure your home. All of these steps forward make intruder alarms easier to use as well as improving your security.


Tech Savvy Team

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of developments and continue to bring our customers innovative security measures. New technology on it’s own would not be enough to see these advances and successful developments within the business. It’s the people and the processes, the willingness to undertake news skills and adapt. We are always reviewing new products and researching the newest technology available. Our ongoing training keeps the whole team up to date with ongoing developments. We keep up to date with communication too. You’ll find us on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube!

innovative security team

From VHS to 4K HD

CCTV for the 21st Century

CCTV has developed from highly expensive technology to become accessible to many. Home owners now have CCTV which can include remote viewing and apps with real time notifications. The quality of the image, zoom and detail have improved over time. CCTV systems now offer 4k HD image and continue to improve.


Development & Expansion

Fire & Security in one place

Keybury branched out into the fire industry in the 1990s. Our fire department carry out fire risk assessments as well as servicing and commissioning fire extinguishers and emergency lights. We’re NSI Gold approved for the design and installation as well as commissioning and maintenance of Fire Alarms.

We offer the commercial sector the best of both fire and security under one roof.

Have you considered consolidating your systems to one provider? Contact us for more information.


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