Is your CCTV system doing it’s job?

CCTV is the ultimate flexible security tool for your home and business. One system can do so much! Is your CCTV system doing it’s job? Are you looking for state of the art security? It has to be a CCTV system! Do you want to check in on vulnerable family members? CCTV can do the job for you. Do you want to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime? CCTV’s your answer. Articles on home security often site security cameras as the best option. Even the police recommend you invest in a CCTV system to protect your property. In 2020, security cameras are more user friendly, offer better images and more flexibility than ever – and they’re more affordable than ever before. We’ve used some of our own experiences and customer comments to help to illustrate the many jobs that your security cameras can help with.

CCTV systemYour CCTV System: The Deterrent

“They seemed to notice our CCTV and then get back in and drive off” This is prime example of a CCTV system doing it’s job. Deterring criminals from stealing or trespassing or vandalising your property.      

CCTV system

Your CCTV System: The Detective

“I recently returned from holiday to find litter across my driveway. Who could have committed this act of vandalism? When I looked back at the CCTV from the week and saw that my neighbours bin had blown over and some litter had blow out and found it’s way onto my driveway. Mystery solved!” CCTV can do the job of “detective” using remote viewing with playback. Useful if you’ve had one of those “Your parcel has been delivered” notifications with no sign of the parcel, or in more sinister situations for example if your car has a new unexplained scratch.  

CCTV system

Your CCTV System: The Smart Gadget

“The system itself is excellent, the cameras are positioned just under the roof eaves, so whilst you can see them they are fairly discrete and don’t make your home look like Fort Knox. The system lets you search your recordings for objects entering or exiting a specific area, movement or someone crossing a virtual line. So far we’ve already discovered we’ve got a Hedgehog ? Being able to check in on your garden using the remote app is also reassuring.”
CCTV systems with remote viewing is a popular option for our customers. PTZ cameras can be controlled remotely and notifications can be set for perimeter security.   

Your CCTV System: The eyes in the back of your head

“During this worrying time, it is so reassuring to know the alarm and CCTV Keybury installed earlier this year for our parents gives us a bit more peace of mind for their welfare.” With so many people remote working or kept apart from family, CCTV has really come into it’s own. Many of our customers use their CCTV system to help with caring for vulnerable family members as well as to keep their pets safe.  

CCTV system

Your CCTV System: Ace Ventura

“Really pleased with the new system. Great to be able to see the dogs. Thanks!” Lots of dogs have become very used to having their owners at home these past months. And there are lots of new puppies around too. So when you’re going back to work, it’s reassuring to be able to use your CCTV system to check in on your pets.   Looking for CCTV for your home or business? Why not book a free survey with one of our team? Call us now on 01535 661197 or email