It’s that time of the year again when our Fire and Security directors visit IFSECInternational Exhibition in London to keep Keybury and ultimately our customers at the cutting-edge of technology. IFSEC showcases intelligent advances within the industry, highlighting the strong direction which the nation’s fire and security sectors is going.

The newly developed products enable us to stay at the front of the technology curve.

Some of this year’s new developments


Big News within the burglar alarm market – The Mini Air! Great news for those who like to monitor their home while they’re away. The development of the Mini Air gives app functionality to any customer with an existing burglar alarm, notifying you of any activation’s and allows you to set or unset your system. Great for peace-of-mind whilst on holiday!

Security Apps

The video-intercom app system has joined the app revolution within the security sector. This system now comes with app integration. Any calls to the intercom can be put through to a smartphone via the app if no one is at home. It links via WIFI to the internal monitor and enables the video to be viewed remotely using your broadband.

Security Apps

The intelligent development within the fire industry has seen a huge leap within fire prevention. The new ‘Apollo-Fire Flush Infrared’ smoke detector can create a fault should the detector be covered on purpose or by accident – a feature which cannot be achieved on a standard smoke detector.

An ideal solution also for bespoke properties looking to achieve the minimalist look with a flush ceiling finish.

Security Apps

These products are set to be released within the year of 2017. Stay on top of your safety.

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