This summer we have our newest recruits, brother and sister, Jacob and Eireann Lalor.  With their Dad, David, the director of Alert Innovation and their Aunt and Uncle, Tricia and Frank, the founders and Directors of Keybury, they are well and truly within the Keybury family!

Jacob, 17, has been working at the company for 2 summers now, while Eireann, 16, is here for her first summer.  Their jobs vary as they provide extra hands during the regular staff holidays and help to keep the company running at full power.

They speak happily about their time here, it’s clear that they know the company well from growing up around the staff and visiting when they were younger.  “It didn’t feel completely new when we started, because we already knew everyone that worked here. It just felt like a welcoming place to start work.”  Jacob added, “It feels more like home.”

Eireann has been learning the ropes in the office over the past few weeks, answering phones, scanning paper work and taking bookings from customers.  “It’s the best kind of work experience, it’s rare to get a summer job in an office.”
Jacob has been helping with the more technical side of things, sorting electronics and helping to organise stock.  On speaking of what he’s learnt, “I’ve picked up more technical knowledge about alarms over the years from being around the company.”

However, working for family doesn’t mean they get off lightly.  They both talk about how much harder it is if they make a mistake, because they know their Dad, Aunt and Uncle won’t shy away from telling the truth as they know them so well.

Jacob has also been doing some work on the graphic design elements of the company as he has chosen to study in this field from September.  He also hopes to carry it on through University.
Eireann too is focusing on going back to school in September, completing her A Levels and hoping to attend University in the near future, studying either science or drama.

Although this is just a summer job for them right now, they certainly bring some liveliness to the office and hope to return for many more summers as they continue their studies.