An Apple a day helps keep the intruder away! Keybury operations director Patrick Beebe demonstrates the new CCTV technology.

Keybury Fire & Security is one of the first companies in the region to offer up-to-the-minute technology that enables business or domestic customers to keep tabs on their CCTV security systems remotely via their mobile phones or iPads.

The new state-of-the-art software is compatible with Smartphones such as Apple iPhones, iPad,
iPod Touch and Android mobiles.

Patrick Beebe, operations director of Keybury, which has offices in Keighley, Skipton, Ilkley, Harrogate and York explained: “It quite literally allows users to tap into their CCTV cameras live and check that all is safe and sound at their business premises – or their homes if they are away. It evens works from abroad.

“Importantly, if customers connected to monitoring centres receive notification via their mobiles of an incident, they can view the scene immediately and respond accordingly, either by visiting their premises in person or alerting police.

“Real-time photographs can also be taken, which can be e-mailed as proof of suspicious activity, as well as being retained to give a log of the date and time of a recorded incident.

“This represents the latest in 24/7 fingertip security control – the quality of the high definition pictures is good, while a built-in illumination facility also enables night-time viewing.”

According to Keybury, potential applications are extensive. Patrick explained: “ For example, a principal keyholder responsible for business premises may be enjoying a meal out when an alert comes through by text. They can then view the scene live and take instant action or – if everything appears to be in order – finish their sweet course in comfort!

“The same scenario could also apply to a home owner who receives a call from a good neighbour reporting on a problem at their property. Moreover, a managing director travelling by train to a meeting can check to see what’s happening in the workplace.

“The technology is revolutionary and can be utilised as a dual-purpose security and management tool.” Full details are posted at