Here in the Keybury office, we provide a very open door policy. Fortunately for us, this is extended to our pet pooches. Not only providing entertainment throughout the day, magically they decrease stress levels – providing an all-round blissful working atmosphere. Meet our team of pet pooches.


The official ‘Top Dog’ of Keybury, black Labrador, Finley has been joining us in the head office since he was an eight-week old pup, delightfully putting a smile on everyone’s face. Turning the grand age of eleven in June, now devotes his time in the office to catching forty winks under the desk. His friendly, soft temperament has even won over non-dog lover Clare, our New Business Clerk. He proudly passed the Kennel Club Gold Award with flying colours as a pup, reflected in his marvellous behaviour… well most of the time when he’s not pushing his nose in the bins after five p.m.


In the same family of labs, meet Geoffrey. A fox-red Labrador and pup of the pack at 9-month-old. Having the cheeky trait of eating everything and anything – including shoes, slippers, socks & seatbelts! He enjoys his lazy days in the office sleeping and looking like butter wouldn’t melt. Yes, you guessed it – that too has been in his mouth!


Next in the canine club is Bobbie. An energetic Jack Russell Terrier who loves long walks and crashing out at the end. Of course, treats are a must along the way, filling her belly ready for a three a.m. run around the garden.


Last but not least, Henry. A beautiful Jack Russell / Dachshund cross – with the attitude of a Great Dane. He’s ten-months-old, with a hyperactive cheeky nature in tow. Tiring the office out with his short and sweet visits.

If taking your pet to work is not your style, this is where you can trust us to take care of your beloved hounds and moggies with our trusted pet friendly sensors.


Many people think that having a pet restricts you from having a functioning burglar alarm in your home. This is not the case and there are different options to ensure that you can enjoy having your pet in your home and the security of a home alarm system.

The pet immune sensors will allow you to set your alarm properly when you are out or asleep, without your pets setting it off. These pet friendly alarms sensors are programmed not to react to movement or heat which comes from something of the size of your animal. However, if a human were to walk through the room it would activate.

Contact us today for more information on pet immune sensors, allowing you to set your alarm knowing your pets are free to roam around your home.