The King’s Coronation Weekend is almost here. What are your plans?

Some people have already travelled to London in order to get a good vantage point for the event. The RAC has predicted almost 15 million journeys over the weekend. This is likely to be a mixture of people travelling for days out and weekends away both in the capital and elsewhere. Many people are taking advantage of the extra day and booking holidays abroad. One travel company has seen a 55% increase in bookings for the coronation weekend.

Meanwhile back at home, the media are reporting that millions of people plan to take part in celebrations for the King’s Coronation. garden parties or street parties with friends and neighbours. So what do street parties to celebration the king’s coronation, weekend breaks and days out have to do with your home?

It may come as a shock to hear that insurance experts are predicting a rise in home burglaries over the coronation bank holiday.

Why are home burglaries predicted to spike over the King’s Coronation Weekend?

The predicted spike in home burglaries over the coming bank holiday isn’t just a hunch. It’s based on what happened last year, on the bank holiday weekend for the Queen’s Jubilee. According to data from insurance company LV, the Queen’s Jubilee bank holiday weekend in June 2022 saw an overall 36% spike in home thefts. The day of the jubilee itself saw a huge increase of 238% in home thefts compared with the same day in 2021.

Using this information, home insurers, police forces and other industry experts are warning home owners to tighten up their home security for the King’s coronation weekend.

Home security is our specialist subject so we’ve put together some top tips to protect your home over the bank holiday weekend.

Top Tips to Protect Your Home on the King’s Coronation Weekend

  • Don’t broadcast your plans – chatting loudly in the shop or posting publicly on socials can compromise your home security. Letting people know your home will be empty can be an open invitation to burglars.
  • Set your house alarm when you go out whether it’s for a few minutes or a mini break. House alarms not only deter criminals but they also alert you and anyone in the vicinity to a break in. You can even be alerted from afar if you have a monitored system.
  • Cancel milk deliveries and post pone those prime orders until you’re home. A box or milk bottles left outside your house are tell tale signs that nobody’s home. If you’re away for more than a day consider using timers or smart plugs. These can be use to switch lights on and off in the evenings.
  • Remember to lock your doors and windows when you’re out. Even if you’re only in the garden or enjoying a street party it’s best to lock up your home to avoid sneak in theft.
  • Use outdoor lighting and visible security systems to deter criminals. Criminals prefer not to attract attention so anything that provides cover (such as an overgrown garden) is best avoided. On the other hand things that attract attention like outdoor lighting and intruder alarms are an excellent deterrent. Burglars are also more likely to avoid homes with CCTV systems to make sure yours are well signposted!

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