Our LambCam and CalfCam systems are a revelation. They allow you to watch over your animals during lambing or calving season from elsewhere on your property. Keep an eye on what’s happening inside sheds, barns and other remote buildings. CCTV systems designed to work remotely can view animals or vehicles beyond home. This means you can keep a close eye on livestock or machinery from your smartphone when you’re out and about or when when you’re at home.  

Have you considered Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras?

Using either static or P.T.Z. (pan tilt zoom) cameras you can remotely view inside buildings from your device.  Carefully placed static cameras give an overview of an area. P.T.Z cameras do as they say – pan, tilt and zoom. This means you can get a close up and detailed view of what is happening in an area. PTZ cameras can be controlled within the CCTV app on your smart phone or tablet.  

Breaking down barriers to remote viewing

As technology has developed, wifi and wireless technology have increased the scope and use of CCTV in rural communities. Being out in’t sticks doesn’t mean you have to be without. Wireless links allow cameras to be placed in separate buildings and our app allows you to view several cameras in one place. Whether to keep an eye on machinery or animals, this type of camera can be really useful. We support fields of vision a rural crime prevention project. Head to their website fore rural crime prevention tips.
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