Live alone? Geofencing is the perfect home security device for you. Keep your home safe and secure with this smart security system.

Protect your home when you live alone

A secure home is key to feeling safe at home. There are a few things you can do to protect your home if you live alone. These include getting to know your neighbours, installing outdoor lighting and investing in security cameras. On top of this, it’s important to have the right security system, and to make sure it’s working for you.

Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems protect all times of homes, but most people aren’t getting the most out of their intruder alarms. There are a few things everyone can do to make their home alarm system more effective.

One of the most important things you can do is to set your house alarm whenever you go out. And as such a large proportion of burglaries actually happen when someone is at home, it’s a really good idea to set your house alarm at night as well. If someone enters your house when the alarm is set, all your neighbours will be awoken.

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There are ways to boost this impact too, particularly if you live alone:

Live alone? Get monitoring for back up

Monitored home alarm systems notify a monitoring centre when your alarm goes off. They in turn contact either nominated keyholders or the police. Keyholders might be close friends or family members; whoever you choose. Alternatively, there’s app monitored alarm systems. They send a notification whenever the intruder alarm is activated. This is usually to the householder. If you live alone, you could opt for a family member or trusted friend to also receive alerts when you house alarm goes off. So if someone breaks in, the message carries beyond your immediate neighbours.

Smart Security

App monitoring is one feature of smart security systems. These systems also offer lots of additional functions which are particularly useful when you live alone.

App control allows you to set the alarm at bedtime even when you’ve got a friend staying over on the sofa. They let you set the alarm from your bed and send you a ping when the dog walker arrives. And with Geofencing, smart alarms can even remind you to turn the house alarm on when you set off for work and forget to do it.

Geofencing: an ideal security tool when you live alone

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Geofencing is a smart security tool which alerts you whenever you leave your house and forget to set the alarm. Once you leave the area, if you alarm is unset you’ll receive a notification reminding you that you’ve left the house alarm unset. Then you can simply set it using the app and know your house is secure.

So, if you live alone, a smart alarm system is the ideal way to protect your home; It’s useful and it’s reassuring.

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