Live Guard CCTV systems turn your CCTV into a proactive system. These systems give you high resolution video recording, real time alerts, audio warnings, two way audio and colour images at night. Our experts have trialled these new systems and, now they have passed our rigorous tests, we’re installing them for our customers. They’re already incredibly popular. Here’s why:

Live Guard CCTV – A Proactive Security System

This type of security camera system sends you push notifications when it picks up someone in the vicinity. It sends push notifications to your phone which give you instant video clip playback of the alarm event. This means you can see who, what or why the notification was triggered.

Two way audio

Live Guard CCTV systems offer video analytics with audio warnings. Audio warnings deter potential thieves. These can be automated to activate when they pick up a person on camera. You can also instigate an audio warning form the app in real time. But this isn’t the end of it’s audio capabilities. The Live Guard CCTV system also provides two way audio via the app and it records audio as well as visual footage.

High quality images – day or night

CCTV footage is often shared by people attempting to solve crimes. A lot of it is really very poor quality. At Keybury we only install high quality cameras to make the footage worth having. These cameras offer 4K resolution giving crystal clear images. The quality isn’t compromised by darkness as a white light is used to give colour images. There are other cameras which offer this, but the light is on all night attracting bugs. The Live Guard CCTV system only lights up for a short time when triggered and picks up a clear face image. As the light flashes on, anyone in the area will instinctively look towards it. This provides a clear colour image, and also acts as a further deterrent to criminals on your property.

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