Homes will be left empty for the first time in months – or even years – as millions of people are urged to return to the office. The government have announced the end the Plan B restrictions which included the work from home directive. But what will this mean for home security?

As millions of people return to the office, their homes will be empty. Some people have been working from home for almost two years.

We know that empty homes are targeted by criminals. Some burglars take advantage of an opportunity where a home is obviously left empty and unsecured. There are a few steps you can take to boost your home security when leaving your home empty.

Millions return to the office – are you one of them?

Is your home empty? Try to make it less obvious that your home is now empty. If you’re expecting a delivery, perhaps arrange for delivery to a neighbour or use a collection point to avoid leaving parcels on the doorstep all day. 1 in 7 people reported parcels are lost or stolen in UK and 30% of these were stolen from doorsteps.

Many people are using doorbell cameras to protect their deliveries. You can even pretend to be still at home by answering a call on your doorbell camera. If you’re one of the millions returning to the office, a doorbell camera would be a worthwhile investment for protecting your home.

Who will let the dogs out?

Millions of people have become dog owners over the past year, succumbing to the temptation of a puppy in the pandemic. Are you you one of them? Quite a few members of Team Keybury are! You might have been enjoying sharing your home office with your dog, but what will they do when you return to the office?

Don’t be tempted to leave a back door open for your dog to come in and out. This not only risks your home security but also your pet’s safety. Pet theft is one of the fastest rising crimes in the UK. Many pet owners are improving their home security in an attempt to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of pet theft. Pet friendly alarms are a really good way to do this. It’s a good idea to arrange for doggy day care or a dog walker.

Smart alarms allow you to control your home security. So you can give your dog walker a key and unset your alarm from your phone when they arrives at your house. Alternatively, get them their own setting fob and receive a notification when they set and unset your house alarm.

Set your house alarm

During the pandemic, some people said they weren’t using their house alarm because they were always at home. WE wrote this blog covering all the excuses people make for not using their house alarm; some people are scared it will go off, others say they’re only popping out for five minutes. It’s a good idea to set your house alarm at night. That way you’re alerted to any attempt to break-in immediately, and anyone attempting to break in is likely to be scared off! Similarly, it’s advisable to set your house alarm whenever you go out. Even if you’re just nipping up the road with the dog, call to the shops or going on the school run. You might only be five minutes, but that is long enough for an opportunist!

If you haven’t used your alarm for a while and want a reminder of how to use it, give us a call. Our skilled team will give your system a check up and set it up to work in the best way for you. We can upgrade your system to make it pet friendly. We can also alter it if you’ve carried out home improvements and change the way you use your home. If you don’t have a house alarm at all, get in touch! We offer free of charge home security surveys. Get in touch for more information about doorbell cameras, smart alarms and pet friendly alarms. Call our knowledgeable team on 0800 458 7486 or complete our form and we’ll contact you.