An article was released last week with research stating that home security is very far down the list of priorities when moving house.  Is security something you have thought about when house hunting?

Moving house comes with a lot of decisions and factors to consider, however the level of security of the home and surrounding area is not as high up this list of factors for many people as you may expect.


Ease of parking tops the list of concerns amongst house hunters, followed by the price of council tax in the area.  Other factors in the Top 10 include house noisy the neighbours are, how recently the boiler was fit and what the nearest supermarket is.

Questions of crime rates in the area is ninth on the list, but concerns of the quality of home security did not appear until number 43!

Yet a burglary is often the number one motivator to move house.; no matter how nice the area, schools or neighbours the experience of burglary is hard to shake off.

Assessing if an alarm system is already installed in a property, the quality of the system, and whether it is in working order would be a good thing to look out for when viewing homes.  It is also worth checking the quality of window and door locks, the visibility around the property at night, and if there are any access points which may be vulnerable to burglary.

If you have bought a new property which has an existing alarm system but you are unsure if it is of sufficient quality and is thoroughly protecting you home, why not book a review from one of our surveyors? Existing systems may be able to be brought on to a maintenance contract to give you more reliability and peace of mind, or additions may be made to make your home more secure.

For more information on new alarm systems, or how you can improve an existing system, contact our sales team through our contact page or by giving the office a call on 01535 66 11 97.