My house alarm could do this?! You won’t believe what your house alarm could do.

Are you getting the most out of your home alarm system? Most people aren’t. When we tell people about the extra functions they could be benefitting from the response is often disbelief; ‘my house alarm could do that?’

My house alarm could connect to an app?

Yes! App control means notifications if your alarm is triggered. “INTRUDER ALERT!” and additional alerts for when the alarm is set and unset. This is really useful if you get into bed and can’t remember whether you set the alarm (speaking form experience). It’s also great for knowing when the dog walker has been or your teenager has arrived home safely from school.

App control is actually something that most newer systems can offer. For most older alarm systems an upgrade would bring your home security into the 21st century with app control.

My house alarm could protect my car?

Yes! With the car defender, a car parked outside your home could be protected by your home alarm system. The car defender can also be used to protect valuables including tools and bikes. It’s a really handy add on to your system. Ask our team about it!

My house alarm could switch the lights on?

Your home alarm can link to other devices like the car defender. You can also connect it to smart plugs. Smart plugs connected via your home alarm app allow you to switch lights on and make it look like someone is at home if your home system has detected activity outside your property. This can be an excellent deterrent and scare off would be intruders.

Protect Your Family

Our home security app has many ways of protecting your family.

Firstly; Home alarm systems are excellent deterrents and Keybury’s light up bell boxes really highlight your security. So when an intruder is looking at the easiest target on your street, your home would be quickly discounted. Anyone brazen enough to attempt would be scared off by an activating alarm and you’d be notified immediately via the app and the loud siren. If something is stopping you from setting your house alarm, we’ll help you get to the bottom of the issue.

Secondly; the occupancy option helps to protect vulnerable relatives by notifying you of activity in key areas of the home. This clever function gives families peace of mind when helping to care for elderly or vulnerable relatives who live alone.

Another option is the personal alarm. This is another “my home alarm can do this?!” moment for so many people. Your home alarm app can send a notification to others linked to your alarm system – if you’re in trouble – even when you’re away from the home. For example if you’re out for a run and have a fall, you can activate the system to alert your partner and share location details. This is really useful for all family members with the app.

If you have the app and want to learn more about additional features, or wish to upgrade to the app, simply book a free survey visit with us.

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