Will September bring new routines in your house? Are your relishing the change or feeling apprehensive? The new school term often brings big changes to families and new routines to adapt to. There is a lot to do, whether it’s packing a PE bag for your little one to take to school or packing the car to take your (not so little any more) teen to university. But it’s also a good time to sit back, reflect on the changes and plan for the new routines. One area to consider is the impact of new routines on your home security.

Of course, at Keybury two things are at the forefront of our minds: family and security. We are home security experts with more than four decades experience protecting homes and businesses with our industry approved innovative systems. We’re also proud to be a family run business built on family values. Some members of team Keybury also have children (aka Keybury kids) starting school or college this September.

Home Security Review: Considering New Routines

At this time of year, it’s a good time to do a security review. You may be returning to the familiar routine of term time, or you might be preparing for a new routine. When children start school, college or university the daily routine shifts. This can impact the hours the house is empty, and it can mean there are times your older kids will be home on their own. If you’re going to work when your children start school or nursery your home could be empty for longer periods.


Here’s a handy list of things to consider and check around your home to ensure it is a secure as possible.

  1. Is your door locked with industry approved locks.
  2. Are your windows are closed and locked when you’re not in the room?
  3. Check the perimeter of your property for damage to fences or easy ways into the garden.
  4. Do you have a visible home security system installed? Does it look like a decent deterrent, or is it a bit outdated?
  5. Is your home insurance up to date with information about when the house is occupied?
  6. Is your garage secure? Linking it to your home alarm system is a good way to ensure this.
  7. Are garden tools and bikes stored away securely? Don’t give burglars an easy ride.
  8. Are your CCTV cameras working as they should, showing the correct time and can you view them remotely?
  9. Are your social media accounts privacy settings up to date? Make sure you’re not accidentally posting private information publicly.
  10. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and make sure everyone is familiar with the sounds they make.
  11. Have your home alarm system checked and make sure everyone is using it.

New Routines – Who’s doing the school run?

Check everyone has a key and a way to arm and disarm the house alarm. This might mean making sure everyone has either a code, a setting fob or access to the app. (more about the app and what an amazing tool it is for families here.). If grandparents will be helping with the school run, did you know that you can actually program their alarm setting fob into your system? So if you both have a Keybury home alarm system, you won’t need to order any extra setting fobs. Just call our team and we’ll help get you set up with out technical support, which is included with Keybury maintenance cover.

If you’d like to update your home security system contact our team directly for a free home security survey. We can demonstrate the home app, and design or adapt your system to suit your new routine. Book online, or for more appointment options call us today on 01535 661197.