October half term gives families a chance for a much needed break. It does come at a time when nights are getting longer and evenings are darker; crime rates usually begin to spike around this time. We’ve compiled top five home security tips for October half term holidays. These should help to reduce your risk of falling victim to a break in, whether you’re at home or away.

October half term home security tips for home or away

  1. As the evenings draw in it’s a good idea to illuminate your home, whether you’re at home or away. This might mean using a light on a timer, or an outdoor light on a sensor.
  2. Avoid leaving clues that you’re out: When you’re going on holiday remember to cancel milk and paper deliveries and ask your neighbours to put your bins out. It’s only a small thing but if the bin is not our – or left out all week this could be a clue to an empty house. If you’re getting organised for Christmas(!) and have deliveries arriving, it’s a good idea to organise a safe place or again make friends with your neighbours! Parcels on the doorstep generally mean nobody’s at home. Check your social media is secure too.
  3. Secure the area! Check your fence panels for damage which can make an easy way in/out for burglars. Keep the hedges trimmed – an overgrown garden is easier to sneak around. Put away bikes and tools and lock up outbuildings and sheds. Consider linking your shed/garden bar or garage to your home alarm system.
  4. Lock stock and… alarm – Always lock the doors and windows when you go out and set your house alarm. It doesn’t matter how long you’re out for, you should always leave your home secure to avoid opportunists taking advantage. Set your house alarm whether you’ll be out for 10 minutes or 10 days.
  5. Monitored alarm systems and CCTV with remote viewing allow you to see your property and put you in control of your home security. These take a little time and investment, which is repaid in peace of mind – making your home security one less thing to worry about.

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