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Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are a really useful tool for home-owners and businesses alike. These cameras can be used to protect a range of areas. It could be your garden, driveway or carpark.  You can use CCTV to protect outdoor buildings such as sheds, garages and workshops. It’s vital to choose the right security cameras for your outdoor area to ensure you get the best coverage.

Keep an eye on outbuildings

Many people use outbuildings to store valuable items which need to be secure. Garden tools and furniture is expensive and inconvenient to replace, whilst having your wheels or your tools stolen can have a massive impact on your livelihood.    

Damage limitation

You can also use CCTV to protect your outdoor areas from criminal damage, as well as theft. Outdoor security cameras are a key deterrent to criminals, who know that good quality CCTV can be used to identify and charge them for a crime. Many sources cite CCTV as the best burglar deterrent.

In app viewing

The most up to date cameras give remote viewing which means you can watch your cameras on your tablet or smartphone. Take this a step further with perimeter security. This innovative solutions sends a notification when anyone enters your outdoor area. You can then instantly view them in this area on your phone.     cctv cameras digital recording remote monitoring viewing iphone harrogate keighley york skipton leeds bradford

Outdoor Security Cameras for Business

Social media pages often tell stories of local businesses who have suffered damage or break ins. Businesses with security cameras can be notified as soon as anyone is on their property which gives them the opportunity to report their findings directly to the police. Business owners or site managers can view the property via CCTV apps and check for foul play out of hours.  This could lead to the police catching those responsible in the act.     outdoor security cameras

Protecting pets

Security cameras often have extra uses that you may not have thought of. Did you know you can keep an eye on your pets with your CCTV cameras? Cameras can be used to keep an eye on your pets indoors or out. Many people are turning to CCTV to protect their livestock with our lambcam. We’re a pet friendly firm and we offer lots of security solutions to protect your furry friends. You could even check in on them with our WiFi camera.      

Professional installation

Get your outdoor security cameras professionally installed by the security experts at Keybury. Book a free site survey with full app demo today.