We’re planning for summer with home security advice. Summer is approaching with bank holidays galore and lots of days out and holidays to look forward to. With so many opportunities for leaving the house, Keybury’s team of experts have got your home security covered.

Home security might not be the first thing that pops into your head when planning for summer. With many people planning holidays and days out for the first time since 2019, many homes will be empty and at risk of break in. There are several ways you can mitigate this risk. Planning ahead and taking steps to boost your home security now will mean you can truly relax when that long awaited holiday comes around.

Home Security’s No Joke

Those of us of a certain age will remember that hilarious Peter Kay sketch about the “things mums do” when you’re going on holiday. One of the things he poked fun at was when mums “leave the radio on in case we get burglars”. The sketch had us all crying with laughter but in truth the idea of making your home appear not empty isn’t such a joke.

Simple things like asking your neighbours to put your bin out (and bring it back in) on bin day and cancelling your milk delivery can avoid give away clues that nobody is at home. You could go a step further and invest in timers or smart gadgets to switch your lights on and off during your break. Similar smart tools are available to put the blinds up and down.

Home Alarm Systems

One of the simplest and most robust things you can do is to set the house alarm. Many people forget, or don’t because of a myriad of reasons including “it might go off” or “they don’t know how to use it”. If you’re not currently setting your house alarm every time you go out and at bedtime then head to this blog for the ultimate reassurance and get using your best home security tool!

Monitored intruder alarms will alert you (or a designated person if you don’t want your holiday to be disturbed) in the event of an activation. This could be through keyholder monitoring, policed systems or smart security systems which send real time alerts direct to your phone. The latter will also allow you to remotely access your system to set or unset it if required. And if you have one of those “home alone “moments when you’re on the plane trying to remember what on earth it is you forgot… you can check in your app and be reassured that your house alarm is set.

Another useful app for holiday home security is the CCTV remote viewing app. This allows you to view your property when you’re away – or if something is amiss when you’re home you can play detective.

“We recently returned from holiday to find a large box dumped in the driveway. Our CCTV footage revealed that the culprit was…. the wind!”

Keybury CCTV customer

Like a good burglar alarm, a decent CCTV system will act as a deterrent and reduce the risk of returning home to the scene of a crime. Some CCTV systems also offer realtime alerts and play audio warnings to those on your property.

When planning for summer with home security don’t wait till the last minute. Booked your holiday? Now book your home security survey. It’s completely free and without obligation.