Now your Keybury home alarm can protect your car. How? With a clever device called The Car Defender. Yes it’s Gladiator-esq name is warranted. Read on to find out why…

Car defender to Protect Your Car

The Car defender connects to your Keybury home alarm system, provides visual deterrent within your vehicle and provides an alert if disturbed. It comes with a specially designed, bright yellow silicone rubber casing, making it easy to strap it to a vehicle’s steering wheel for reliability and an obvious visual deterrence.

Defender: Ready?

The car defender has three modes which you can choose from; Tilt, shock or both. You can toggle between these by pressing and holding the button on the front of the device. Tilt mode has one setting, on or off. If tilted to an angle of 4° or more, it’ll trigger the detector. Shock mode has three sensitivity settings; low, medium and high. At the highest setting, the detector will trigger with less force. The lowest setting requires more force to trigger. The third option will activate on either shock or tilt detection. This means that an intruder hitting the vehicle or tilting the steering wheel will activate the alarm.

Once you have selected your settings, they are “locked-in” after a period of 10 minutes. This stops your from accidentally changing the settings and potentially invalidating the device. Once locked, the settings can only be changed by opening and closing the device.

How does it fit on my car?

The Car Defender comes with a coloured silicone rubber mount. It’s bright yellow so easily spotted by anyone trying car doors. The strap is easy to fasten onto the steering wheel – or it can be secured in place without the yellow casing.

Protect your home. Protect your car.

The Car Defender secures vehicles within home range of the control panel. This will depend on the location of your intruder alarm panel and where you usually park your car. The signal strength is indicated on the device, and can be affected by obstructions and the proximity of your vehicle to the intruder alarm control panel. If you’re considering a Car Defender as part of your home alarm installation, our surveyor will carry out signal tests and measurements, and plan this into the design of your intruder alarm system.

Where the vehicle has left the home range and later returned, the device’s supervision will reset after 5 minutes or the user can reset it manually.

Vehicle theft

The Car Defender has been developed to combat vehicle theft. It offers a completely new line of defence to deter intruders by raising the house alarm in the event of an attempted theft. Users are given early warning, allowing them to take action as soon as possible, where previously, the theft may have gone unnoticed for some time.

Protect… it all!

The best thing about the car defender is that it’s completely flexible and can be used to protect much more than vehicles. Attach the device to your bike, your tools box, your laptop bag or your jewellery box… It can even protect your new football boots or your secret chocolate stash. The car defender provides an new line of defence by linking to your home security system to protect key items in and around the home.

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