Puppies have become very popular during lockdown. Animal shelters have seen a huge surge in adoptions and breeders have struggled to keep up with the demand. As a result the price of dogs and puppies has risen exponentially and so called ‘rogue breeders’ are taking advantage of this. In response to this, organisations such as The Kennel Club are running campaigns like #Puppywise to help keep people and puppies safe.

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Office Puppies

Anyone who follows us on social media will know we’re pet lovers. Under “normal circumstances” our team work alongside not just one but four office dogs, though they are no longer puppies!  Did you spot top dog Fergus in this month’s Aire & Worth Valley Magazine? With more people working at home during lockdown, other pets have enjoyed sharing home-office spaces with their owners. H Home -based Sam’s cat Luna always joins in with our online admin meetings. You might spot Mungo, Jarlath’s surveyor-cat, on our social media pages and pup Henry has been happy to share tea-and-biscuit breaks with Eireann in her at-home work space. Our team are experienced with installing systems in a way that accommodates your family – including the furry family members. Whether we need to work round night shifts, school runs, elderly relatives or puppies, we do our best to accommodate you.   https://www.facebook.com/sue.klosinski/posts/10215878115093094

Pet Friendly Security

Many people mistakenly believe that getting a dog means that you can’t set your alarm when you go out or at night. (You do set your alarm at night, don’t you?) It’s well known that we provide “pet friendly security systems”. These allow you to use your home security system even when you have pets about the house. They also have the added benefit of actually protecting your pets as well. Options include adding pet sensors to your system. These allow your pet to roam the house even while the alarm is set. Smart alarm systems which notify you of any activation but also of other activity, such as when your dog walker has arrived.  We also install internal and external CCTV systems which allow you to check in on your pets.

Protecting Dog Breeders

We also provide monitored systems for dog breeders to protect their dogs and puppies. Most protect their animals with CCTV and intruder alarm systems. The spike in the price of puppies has led to an increase in dog and puppy theft so keeping your dogs in a secure place is more important than ever. For a personalised pet friendly security quote from Keybury, get in touch: sales@keybury.co.uk