Home automation is becoming popular across a number of industries, and the security industry are making smart home security a reality today. Home automation is the residential extension of building automation and involves the control and automation of lighting, appliances, and security. Modern systems generally consist of switches and sensors connected to a central hub controlled from a user interface through a smartphone app, tablet computer, or the web.

Keybury are proud to provide a new remote app which can be used to set and unset your alarm system right from your smartphone. This technology brings operating and reviewing your home security right to your fingertips.
The app allows you to set and unset your alarm system remotely, as well as sending push notifications to your phone when the alarm is armed, disarmed or set off. There are many benefits to this technology, including being told when people have arrived or left the premises.

The panel connects to the home via a broadband connection, either by WiFi or LAN.

This new app is compatible with all new installations and our Keybury Pyronix systems installed since July 2013. If your system is not currently compatible, we can offer to upgrade your panel to allow you to make use of this new feature. We plan to roll these upgrades out over the next 12 months.

If you would like a quotation for a new intruder alarm system or to upgrade your existing system, give us a call at the office on 01535 66 11 97 or simply fill in our enquiry form.