The National Farmers Union has published it’s rural crime report for 2022 with concerning findings.

Rural crime levels have risen to what the NFU dubs pre pandemic levels, with a 40% increase in costs in the first quarter of 2022.

Amongst the issues within the report are crimes including vehicle and fuel theft, as well as livestock attacks and theft. 50% of the rural community say that rural crime is a concern to them, and 49% are most concerned about fuel theft.

RABI’s Big Farming Survey report confirmed how badly rural crime can affect farming people.

RABI Director of Services

Rural crime was reported to be one of the top 5 causes of stress for farming people. Over half of cereal farmers in the RABI’s big farming survey listed rural crime amongst the most common causes for stress.

The cost of rural crime

The report into rural crime found the cost of trailer, livestock and Landrover theft all rose. The combined cost of rural crime in the UK is estimated at over £40million. Landrover theft saw the largest increase at 89%.

The report into rural crime offers some advice to communities

More than one in three people in the survey know someone who has “been forced to change the way they live or work as a result of crime”. Other causes on the list like policy, the pandemic and the weather, are beyond the control of the community. However crime could be tackled and even prevented. Insurance companies recommend a combination of “good habits” and “smart technology” to protect your rural property.

More broadly speaking, one in 5 people in the UK take no security measures at all, and studies have found that taking simple steps such as locking doors and closing windows can easily reduce your risk from opportunist thieves. This is what is meant by good habits. Locking gates and securing the perimeter of your property can help to deter thieves. A range of smart security measures are widely available thanks to advances in technology. Smart measures include tracking vehicles, marking property and installing security systems.

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