Let Keybury help you keep your home safe and secure this Halloween.

If you have had your alarm fit in the last few years, it is likely this will also adjust the time by itself, however, if your’s appears to be telling the wrong time it may be easier than you think to change.  Our customer help page on Facebook contains written instructions and step by step videos to help you change the time on your alarm control panel.  You can also find the videos on YouTube by simply searching for “Keybury Security”.

Halloween festivities can mean costumes, decorations and open flames, so remember to be vigilant with fire safety.  Be aware that any decorations are kept away from candles, heaters and open fires and that all flames are extinguished before leaving the house or going to sleep.

Most shop bought Halloween costumes are made from flame retardant materials, however it is always important to take extra care around candles, bonfires and fireworks.  It was also revealed this year that the British Retail Consortium have introduced two voluntary ‘Codes of Practice’ for children’s clothing which exceed the current safety standard.  Three of the biggest kids costume manufacturers have signed up for this additional testing.

Going away for half term? Don’t forget to make sure your property is secure and your alarm is set.  Remembering simple things like making sure all windows and doors are locked, garages and sheds are secured and valuables are kept out of sight, all help in protecting your home.  It may also be a good idea to have lights set on a timer to give the appearance that someone is home, especially now the evenings are getting darker earlier.

CCTV can also be particularly beneficial as the evenings become darker, providing that the cameras are of high enough quality to provide you with clear images during the day and night. The night vision element of our CCTV means you can get high quality images in the dark without the need for outdoor lighting.

For more information about how Keybury can help you secure your home this winter, call us today on 01535 66 11 97, or visit our contact page.