The ever increasing number of smartphone apps are still going strong into 2016, with the security industry focusing on ways to make your phone compatible with your home and business security.

The new products appearing on the market this year are leaning more towards these remote gadgets, aiming to make it easier to ensure your home is secure.  The smartphone is the perfect home security accessory as it is always accessible, with the majority of the public already owning a handset.

The ability to secure your home through automation – keeping an eye on it from afar and knowing immediately when something is wrong – is a development consumers are rapidly wrapping their heads around.

This technology has been available for years, but with a hefty price tag.  The advances in technology and lowering of prices makes this automation much more accessible for the average home.

Keybury currently provide mobile access to CCTV systems allowing you to view live images of your property from anywhere in the world via broadband internet connection.  This gives peace of mind to those away on holiday or even just out of town on business.

Even the most advanced alarm system is useless if it is not set.  With smartphone compatibility, if you forget to set your alarm when you leave your home, you can set your alarm instantly from wherever you are.  Keybury will be introducing this feature later in 2016.  Combined with smartphone CCTV, this will give you control of your home security right in the palm of your hand!

As homeowners become more comfortable with smart home security, experts predict that automating other elements of the home will be a natural progression.

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