How good is your Security Harrogate? We’ve all been at home such a long time that thinking about how secure we leave our houses might not have been your priority. As we move along the government’s roadmap and things in and around the town begin to reopen will you be going out more? Will you be leaving your home empty for longer? Is your home security up to scratch?

Harrogate residents often have CCTV, intruder alarms or both security systems protecting their property. It’s important to keep your system maintained and up to date. If you haven’t yet installed a home security system, you might want to consider it. North Yorkshire Police include the use of security systems in their home security tips.

pet friendly alarms

Intruder Alarms: Smart, monitored systems

Intruder Alarms are the original home security solution. Keybury have been installing home security alarms in Harrogate and across Yorkshire since 1982. Today the intruder alarm options available to home owners are vast and high tech. This is why we always offer a free, no obligation home security survey to discuss your requirements and go through the options. Wireless alarms are a popular choice because they don’t require cables which means less disruption. It’s worth adding on a wired backlit bell for extra visible security.

Many homes in Harrogate already have security systems in place, although they may require updating. Lots of our customers have taken advantage of our bell box upgrade offer, or switched up their keypads to match their internal fittings. Others have made changes or updates to their systems following home improvement projects, or after bringing home a puppy! Our pet friendly systems allow you to keep your home, family and pets safe and secure.

We have been campaigning to encourage you to set your intruder alarm at night, and every time you pop out, as well as for longer periods when you’re out. Do you set your house alarm at night, Harrogate? If not, head over to our myth busting blog. Find your excuse and put your mind at ease.

Did you know that your burglar alarm could be monitored in different ways? Only approved certified installers can offer police monitored alarm systems, though. As you might expect, we are on this list. We are NSI Gold approved installer so are in the position to offer our customers police monitored alarm systems, as well as keyholder monitored alarms and app monitored systems. Adding the app allows you to view all your security within one app.

4k hd home cctv

CCTV: Home security cameras with quality images

Home security cameras protect your home in several ways. First, they deter would be criminals – just by being there. Secondly, CCTV systems give you peace of mind with remote viewing. So if you’re worrying about your home security and you’re in Harrogate or further away you can check in and rest easy. Now the restrictions have eased, you might book for afternoon tea at Betty’s, take a stroll down commercial street or perhaps go away on a well deserved mini break. You’ll be able to view your cameras and know that everything’s ok back at home, wherever you are.

Doorbell cameras are one popular version of CCTV. Our doorbell cameras can link with other CCTV cameras around your property. You can view them all in the same app. Read more about our home CCTV systems here.

If you’re looking for a CCTV installer in Harrogate, why not book a free quote from Keybury? We are well known for our professional and tidy installations. Our cameras are high quality and our team are knowledgeable and experienced. You’d be hard pressed to find a more professional and dedicated security provider in Harrogate, and our cameras offer high quality crystal clear images. We’re NSI Gold approved for the design and installation of security systems so you can be assured of the high standards we uphold. You deserve Gold standard security, Harrogate. Read more about what NSI Gold standards mean and why we’re the best security installer in Harrogate (probably).

Access Control

You might think of access control systems being purely for apartments or multi-occupancy buildings. We do install and maintain access control systems in many of Harrogate’s apartments. Many of these systems have video or biometric capabilities. Did you know that an access control system can also be useful if you have a gated driveway? Our sleek and smart video intercom systems have proved a popular security solution for many of our Harrogate customers. You can also have these systems fully integrated which allows them to work together with other security elements in your smart home.

Very professional and the install itself was especially highly rated, not intrusive and very respectful of our home whilst here all day.

– Keybury customer April 2021

Whichever system you opt for, you deserve the best home security has to offer; Keybury Home Security. Why not book online for one of our free, no obligation home security surveys or call us on 01423 876348