Last week we took a look at what innovative fire products were being shown to the public at this year’s expos – now let’s take a look at what the security industry has in store…

From looking at the new products being unveiled, progress is continuing to be made on quality and design. Technology is getting smaller and more compact, allowing for integration in more slimline products. There are some access control products which contain all you need in just the door handle!

contactless biometric security innovations access controlAnother major advancement is the image quality of CCTV.
As you know, High Definition is making a huge break through across the board with most companies making the upgrade. The new cameras on the market are taking image quality even further.

At this year’s expo there are 7K cameras.
These are cameras with 30 megapixel capacity, showing resolution 7 times that of HD 1080p! This is unheard of in surveillance.
To try to put it in perspective, 4K cameras are still making waves in the television world…

More CCTV innovations are those which combine thermal imaging to produce 360 degree images showing distances up to 1km. The cameras create these panoramic images every second and analyse them for any intruders.

New camera technology is also appearing which uses software to scan multiple cameras in multiple locations looking for images of missing persons, lost children, criminals or other people of interest. This is the first technology of its kind and will help in many police cases by tracking and retracing the movements of people of interest in a matter of minutes.

Finally, biometric security is still pushing forward to bring us the security of the future!
The newest addition is completely touchless access control, which detects 4 fingerprints by the wave of a hand. The first technology of its kind is unveiled at the expo this year, allowing for secure access without breaking movement, making it ideal for areas of heavy traffic. The contactless technology will also help with some issues that traditional fingerprint scanners sometimes come across.

Are there any particular security innovations that you would like to see in the future?

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