Security system for business
We’re all working hard to protect our businesses right now. We have to consider the COVID risks to our staff and customers on top of all the usual risks. What we really don’t need is vandalism and theft. Unfortunately break ins and criminal damage continue to thwart local businesses digging deep in difficult times.

What is the best security system for business?
Security systems are as individual as your business is. The system you might choose to secure a large warehouse won’t necessarily be the same as the one that would best protect a restaurant. Thankfully, there are security systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes. There are a range of options including security camera systems, intruder alarms and access control system. These systems can work individually or together, and link to your other business protection systems including your fire alarm.

CCTV for business
Security camera systems are a popular choice for businesses. They are flexible and can be used for internal and external monitoring. CCTV can be used to deter and catch vandals, and it can be used to protect people as well as property. Remote viewing and monitoring has made CCTV an even more useful tool for businesses. Security cameras which can send an alert when a line is breached make this proactive system helpful for a range of businesses.

Security cameras can also be used to tackle the latest threat to business, with queue management, temperature measurement and mask detection options.

Business alarm system
Business alarm systems serve as a powerful visual deterrent to criminals. Some businesses require a police monitored system to comply with insurance requirements. Only approved companies, such as Keybury, can provide this level of cover. Others may opt for keyholder monitoring and enlist the services of a keyholder company. Small businesses often choose app monitoring where the business owner is fully in control of their alarm system and can set, unset and monitor it remotely.

Access Control
Access control systems do what they say on the tin – they control access to your business. This could be to allow certain personal into priority areas, or to keep one area for customers only. Access control systems are useful in storage facilities to allow individuals access to their property. It is also useful to help manage social distancing and for storing sensitive documents or items.

Keybury are an independent local business. Our NSI Gold approval means we’re insurance approved. You can book a free of charge security survey for your business by calling 01535 661197 or email us

security system for business