We’ve been in the home security business for just shy of 39 years now. And we still can’t believe it when someone says “Oh I don’t set the house alarm…”. People blame the kids, the dog and even spiders. We’ve heard every excuse going, and we’ve collated them here. If you’re not setting your burglar alarm every time you go out and when you go to bed, find your excuse – together with the solution – below.

1. We don’t set the house alarm because we have a dog.

pet immune

Did you know that 2020 has been the worst ever year for dog thefts? If someone broke into your home and you hadn’t set your house alarm there are a few scenarios to consider: An intruder might be there to steal your dog. They might let your dog out, and if it’s frightened it could bolt. They could befriend your dog with treats. Setting your alarm not only protects your home, it also protects your dog. If you’re one of the many people who have added a dog to your family this year, we can fit pet friendly sensors in your home.

2. We’re at home all the time, so we don’t need to set the alarm.

The use of our houses has evolved as we’re spending more time at home. Research says that as much as 60% of adults are working from home in the UK. In the past, you might have set your alarm whilst you’re out at work all day. With working from home you won’t need to do this. However you should still be using it on a daily basis: Set your alarm when you go out for a walk or a run, when you pop to the shops or on the school run. And always set your alarm at night. According to this article, someone is actually in the house in 58% of burglaries.

3. I don’t set my burglar alarm because I’m worried it’ll go off!

If you set your burglar alarm it will go off to warn you there’s someone in your house. If you don’t set it, it can’t warn you. Your regularly serviced alarm shouldn’t go off at random. That’s why we check it for you every year as part of your Keybury cover. If there was any problem with your alarm, it would beep or sound even if it wasn’t set. A routinely serviced alarm won’t just go off for no reason. For extra reassurance remember that if it did go off, our engineers are on hand 24 hours a day. They can help over the phone or come out to your house, even if it’s 2 o’clock in the morning. Set your house alarm.

4. We don’t use the alarm – the kids would just set it off.

Some people are worried that their young children might accidentally set the alarm off as they head downstairs to watch cartoons on a Sunday morning. There’s a couple of solutions to this. Either use your app to unset the alarm before they head downstairs. Or show your children how to unset the alarm in the morning as part of your routine. The alarm can be set up to beep when you first go downstairs, giving you a chance to unset it before the sirens sound.

5.  We’ve got teenagers are coming home at all hours so we can’t use it.

Parents of older children are often worried that their teenagers might set it off when they arrive home after everyone else has gone to bed. Give your older children a fob as part of their set of keys so they can let themselves in and out. With a bit of practise you’ll all get used to setting and un-setting the house alarm. Even late at night!

6. I’m only nipping out for 5 minutes. I won’t be long.

Intruders can be in and out of your house in a matter of minutes.  Opportunists might see someone going out and experienced intruders will pick key times such as school run when they know houses are likely to be empty. No matter how long you’re going out for, always set your house alarm.

7. I keep forgetting!

When you’re new to using a burglar alarm you open find yourself locking the door or climbing into bed and then thinking; “Oh! Did I set the alarm?” Luckily, our app allows you to check and remotely set it. It can also send you a notification to confirm it has been set or unset.

8. I don’t know how to use it.

Not knowing how to use your alarm is most common when moving into a new house with an alarm already in the property. Our engineers can come out and show you how to use the system, even if we didn’t originally install it. If you’ve just not used it for a while and need a refresher give us a call. 24 hour telephone support is included with Keybury maintenance cover.  Our team are able to talk you through setting and un-setting the alarm keypad or on the app. Call us today.

9. I’ve forgotten the code.

Most systems can now be set with a tag and via the app so you don’t need to remember a code. If you’ve got an older system there are a couple of options. The first is to upgrade! Bring your security into the 21st century with app control. Our burglar alarm upgrades start from £299+VAT and include a new light up bell box to highlight your security. The other option is to reprogramme your system with a new code. Our engineers can help with this, even if the alarm wasn’t originally put in by us. Give us a call.

10. What’s the point ? They don’t stop burglars.

The statistics say that intruder alarms do indeed stop burglars. According to NHSM, houses with no security in place at all are five times more likely to be broken into than those with even simple security measures. 71% of ex convicts said they’d be put off by an external burglar alarm bell in a survey by Which and 89% of burglars said a connected home – i.e. one with a smart security system – would deter them. Experts agree, with advice from home insurers, police and neighbour hood watch groups all recommending homeowners use a security system to protect their home.

11.We haven’t got an alarm.

light up bell box

If you haven’t got a burglar alarm you can’t set it can you? Quick, book a free quote! DOn’t worry – we’re renowned for being clean and tidy workers, and we can install a new system quickly and without fuss. We can install a new intruder alarm system from as little as £399+VAT.

12. It’s really old – it probably doesn’t even work anymore!

We have been installing intruder alarms since 1982. Lots of our customers have upgraded to more modern systems as technology has improved, but there are a few of the older systems still out there. If your older alarm works ok, keep using it. just make sure it’s regularly maintained. If you think your alarm  needs updating, we can provide you with a free quote to carry out a system upgrade. Call us to book in now!

13. The cleaners are coming.

Some people leave their alarm unset one day a week because their cleaners are coming. Did you know you can order additional setting tags to give to anyone who needs regular access to your house? Why not order one for your cleaner? The app will notify you when they have arrived and unset the alarm, and again when the leave and set the system again. Our engineers can help you to add or remove a setting tag to your system.

14. I can’t afford an alarm.

Our intruder alarms start from £399+VAT fully installed. We offer monthly payment plans for our maintenance cover and give you the best service. Keybury are NSI Gold approved so having a Keybury alarm can actually save you money by reducing your home insurance premiums. This report on the economic  and social cost of crime published in 2018, put the cost of a domestic burglary at almost £3,500. Statistics have shown that alarm is a very good burglary deterrent, so can you afford not to have an alarm?

15. I don’t have time.

It’s 8.30am and you’ve spent the last hour trying to get everyone to brush their teeth (why is this always a battle?), find their shoes (how can they lose one shoe?), and pack their bags (no sign of the elusive water bottle again). You’ve got your bag, the dog’s lead, the keys, your phone, and you’re finally getting everyone out of the door in a race against the school bell. And we want to add “set the house alarm” to your “to do” list? Really? Well, yes. You’ve got the keys in your hand anyway, just swipe the tag and set it. Then you know your house is secure, you’re not going to come home to a smashed window and a ransacked house.

16. I’ve got workmen in.

Sometimes you’ll have somebody who needs access to your house temporarily. It could be a house sitter, or a neighbour you’ve asked to keep an eye on your house whilst you’re away. You can add a temporary user to your system with a setting tag or a code. If you don’t want to give workmen a spare setting tag, you can use your app to remotely set the alarm after workmen have left site. This keeps you in control of your security.

17. We’ve swapped rooms so the alarm isn’t set up right anymore.

Lockdown has seen a boom in home improvements. Since we’re all staring at the same four walls we want to make the best of them! Many people have changed how they use rooms. Where you once had a bedroom you might now have a home office. Perhaps you have changed the dining room into a bedroom. If your alarm system set up no longer works for you, give us a call. We can reconfigure it to keep you safe and secure with your new home layout. If you’re going for major renovations, such as knocking down a wall, remember to call us first! We can come before to safely remove sensors, and will return to refit them once the work is complete.

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