Do you set your house alarm at night?

set your house alarm at night Many people set their house alarm at night and lots of our customers tell us they wouldn’t be able to sleep without it. During lockdown, some people have made comments like “We haven’t needed to use the alarm because we’re at home all the time”, which have set alarm bells ringing (excuse the pun!) This has led us to wonder whether you’re setting your alarm at night. You are, aren’t you?

Should you set your house alarm at night?

If you set your house alarm at night, it means you’d be alerted as soon as anyone gained entry through a door or a window. Your neighbours would also be alerted to your plight. A monitored alarm would automatically notify the alarm receiving centre who in turn contact key holders or police. A ringing alarm is often enough to send an intruder scarpering. The police agree that you should be setting your house alarm at night.
“If you have a burglar alarm always remember to switch it on when you leave the house or when you go to bed”

(West Yorkshire Police)

What do you do if your house alarm goes off at night?

What would you do if your house alarm went off at night? Some people instinctively leap out of bed and run down to switch it off. Others freeze. The advice is to let it ring. Check your app and see where the alarm is going off. It will tell you if it’s the kitchen or the living room etc. Look on your cameras. Call 999 if you believe there is an intruder in your house. Do not confront them. Don’t assume an alarm ringing in the night is a false alarm. Check on your neighbours. Phone them or look outside to check for signs of disturbance. Call the police if you think there is a crime taking place.

I can’t set the alarm I have a dog.

We’ve thought of this one. Switch out your standard detectors for pet sensors then your pets are free to roam and sleep where they please. A simple solution to let you set your house alarm at night and through the day without compromising the comfort of your pets.

My husband always forgets about the alarm and sets it off in the morning!

Something we often hear. It takes practice to get into a new routine. Use your app to switch the alarm off in the morning, or leave the keys in a place you’ll notice them in the morning so you’re reminded to switch off the alarm. If you’ve gone to bed and forgotten, you can easily set the system from your phone via the app.