Do you close your curtains when you’re going on holiday? It’s fascinating to hear about the things people try to protect their homes when they’re going away on holiday. From wedging wood into patio doorways, leaving the radio playing or bolting all the internal doors. But which measures are the most effective?

Should you close curtains when you’re going away?

It’s true that making your home look lived in whilst you’re away is a really good way to deter burglars. They’ll be looking for an easy option and a home which is obviously empty can be an open invitation. Closing the curtains can make it obvious that you’re not in. What’s more if someone does break in, they’re be hidden from site behind closed curtains. There are smart devices you can invest in to automatically close the blinds in the evening and open them again in the morning. Using timers – or smart devices on lights can also make your home look lived in.

However there are much more effective measures you can put in place to protect your home when you’re away.

What’s more effective than closing the curtains when you’re going away on holiday?

The most effective way to protect your home is with a home security system. A visible security system deters criminals from breaking in. CCTV cameras are widely regarded as one of the best deterrents available. A recognisable alarm system, with a bell box that looks fairly up to date, will put off burglars. An old bell might not be as effective. It’s worth upgrading your old intruder alarm bell box to give the impression of a whole new system.

Just having a burglar alarm on the house is one thing. Setting it is another. If a burglar is brazen enough to attempt to break in, you’re going to want your burglar alarm to do it’s job. That means making a huge racket to alert anyone nearby. It should scare the burglar away. It will also have all the neighbours curtains twitching, and if they know you’re going on holiday they will know your home is empty.

This isn’t where an intruder alarm’s job ends though. A monitored alarm can alert keyholders – for example your parents or friends who have a key. A police monitored alarm would trigger a police response. An app monitored alarm sends a notification directly to your phone. When you go on holiday, you can load the app onto a friend’s phone if you’d rather not be disturbed. Or to be in the know you can receive notifications anywhere that you have wifi or signal on your phone.

Curtains, bins and letters

There are a few things you can do at home to make sure your home is secure when you go on holiday:

  1. Don’t close curtains when going on holiday.
  2. Lock all the doors and windows.
  3. Secure the garden, lock fences, sheds and other outbuildings.
  4. Tidy away bikes, tools and ladders.
  5. Put timers on lights
  6. Cancel regular deliveries of milk and papers
  7. Remove high value easy grab items like jewellery and tablets from plain view – ie don’t leave them on the coffee table or the windowsill.
  8. Hold off on online orders – redirect last minute deliveries to a parcel locker or a neighbour
  9. Tell your neighbours you’re away. They might even put the bin out for you.
  10. Check your CCTV system is recording with the correct time and date, and that you can access it on your phone.
  11. Set your house alarm.
  12. Upload your pictures when you get home. Social media posts from the airport or the beach compromise your home security.

If you’re planning ahead for summer now is the time to upgrade your home alarm system. Add the app for the ultimate peace off mind. You can book your free home security survey online or call 01535 661197.