What is a Smart Security System?

A smart security system seamlessly integrates your home security or business security system into your everyday life. It connects your security with your personal devices such as smart phones using home networks and wireless technology. We’ve been installing security systems since 1982. Back in those days a big siren on the outside of your house and a huge keypad inside was pretty high tech! We keep abreast of technology developments and are proud to be able to offer you connected smart security systems. CCTV cameras which can be viewed on your phone are the first and most obvious thought but there are many more smart security solutions.  

Smart Security System

Smart Solutions

Intruder alarms with app monitoring offer a smart solution. They allow you to monitor your security from your phone via an app. This gives you real time alerts of activations i.e. you’ll get a ping if your alarm goes off. You can instantly see where the alarm has gone off, and decide what action to take. If you can see on your CCTV that you left the living room door open and your dog has made herself at home on the sofa, you can simply switch off the relevant alarm sensor and reset the alarm. On the other hand if you can see an intruder, you can call the police.  You can also receive “set” and “unset” notifications, which let you know when someone has arrived home or left.


Do you need a smart security system?

If you already have an alarm system in place you may be wondering if it’s worth upgrading to a smart security system. With 89% of ex-burglars saying a connected home would deter thieves, can you afford to be without one? Would you like to be in control of your own security? To manage, monitor and customise your security in an accessible and convenient way? Then you need a smart security system. Book your smart security survey now! Call 01535 661197 email sales@keybury.co.uk or head to our contact page.  
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