Sneak in theft: What is it?

Sneak in theft is a surprisingly common problem. They actually account for around one in four burglaries in West Yorkshire. It is exactly as it sounds; a theft by someone sneaking in. This is usually through an open door or window.

Simple security steps can reduce your likelihood of falling victim of this crime.

Sneak in theft happens when a criminal takes the opportunity to take something left just inside a door or window. It’s an opportunistic crime, and can be avoided with a few simple measures.

Police often issues warnings on their social media with advice to help you avoid this time of crime. A recent newspaper report also highlighted a sneak in theft where cash was stolen from near an unsecured door. This is a typical example of a sneak in theft.

KEIGHLEY householders are being warned to keep doors locked at all times following a sneak-in theft.

Keighley News 3rd August

How To Avoid Sneak in theft:

The police, crime stoppers and neighbourhood watch schemes all have advice on how to avoid sneak in thefts. We’ve put this together with our own expertise, to provide a guide to avoiding sneak ins.

Five Tips To Avoid Sneak In Thefts

Follow these steps to avoid sneak in theft:

1. Secure Your Door

1 in 4 people leave their doors unlocked. Lock your doors and remember side and patio doors too. Use the chime function on your house alarm to alert you to anyone opening the door.

2. Windows Of Opportunity

Make sure windows are locked. If you’ve had them open on a warm day at home, remember to close them before you go out or go to bed. Don’t leave valuables in view through the window.

3. Use Technology

CCTV and doorbell cameras can alert you to anyone on your front path, driveway or at the door. You can even answer the door via doorbell cameras. CCTV is also a very good deterrent.

4. Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Ideally you can check who’s at the door with a doorbell cameras. Always ask for ID from anyone at the door and don’t buy from cold callers.

5. That’s the key

Lock the door when you’re at home as well as when you’re out. Avoid leaving the keys in the door or on the windowsill.

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