At last the better weather is starting to show and from next week the evenings will be so much brighter when the clocks spring forward this Sunday!

With most of our phones, laptops, tablets, computers and even watches now being connected to the internet, we no longer need to worry about missing the time change as it is already done for us.

Some of our newer alarm systems also adjust to the clock change automatically, but don’t worry if yours requires the manual touch – we have some handy resources to help show you how to change the time on your alarm panel.

Your alarm panel doesn’t have to be as confusing as some ovens and microwaves that you end up leaving on the wrong time for the next 6 months.

Our Facebook page has a designated “Customer Help Page” section. This can be found in the tabs at the top of our page, or as an app icon down the left hand side of our Facebook page. In here you will find a range of easy to follow videos and some written instructional PDFs. If you do not have access to Facebook you can also watch our videos directly on YouTube by searching for the Keybury channel. These resources will clearly explain how to change the time and date on your alarm control panel and save you any hassle.

The videos available are for the Castle Euro Range panel and the Texecom Premier Range panel.

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