Have you spotted the crocuses and snowdrops peeping through? The days are staying light that little bit longer and the temperature has been creeping up ever so slightly. We even spotted a lamb on a rural job last week! Spring time is most definitely here. Here are six spring security tips to keep your home secure this springtime:

1. Set Your Alarm!

This isn’t specifically a spring security tip, more an all rounder but it’s a big one: Set your alarm! A worrying number of people don’t set their house alarm when they pop out for 5 minutes or at bedtime. Always set your alarm, it can alert you and your neighbours to potential trouble as well as scare off anyone attempting to break in.

If you’re reading this and thinking “I don’t know how to set the alarm” or wondering if your ancient alarm system even works, give us a call. Spring time is all about new beginnings, give your alarm a fresh start. We offer upgrades as well as maintenance packages with full technical support …and if you haven’t got a burglar alarm yet, you really need to contact us. What are you waiting for?

2. Lock Up!

Doors: Lock the door – it sounds simple doesn’t it? Locking the door when you’re at home can prevent “sneak in” burglars from walking in the door and pinching whatever they can grab nearby – your phone, your car keys or your purse.  Keybury alarms have a handy chime function to alert you to someone opening the door.

The spring sunshine will hopefully bring warmer weather. This means we’ll be opening windows more often. Never keep valuables like keys on the windowsill and be sure to lock windows when you go out.

3. Spring Security Outside

Considering what’s outside of your property can help to improve your home security. Keep hedges trimmed and keep garage and shed doors locked. As the first few welcome sings of spring peep through we’re tempted into the garden and out come the lawnmowers and garden tools. Remember to lock them away in a well secured shed when you’ve finished gardening.

4. Spring Security & Your Neighbours

Join your local neighbourhood watch group. If there isn’t one in your area, consider starting one. If you live in a rural part of the district, check out Fields of Vision rural intelligence group.

5. Cars & bikes: Protect your Wheels this spring

Keep your wheels locked and in a safe place. Whether it’s a bike, a car or a van, parking it in a secure location such as a secured garage or a driveway with CCTV is a good way to protect your wheels.


Security cameras are one of the most recommended ways to protect your property. The police, neighbourhood watch groups and several newspaper articles citing ex criminals say CCTV is a definite deterrent for criminals. Security cameras are more affordable and higher quality than ever. Keybury CCTV systems also offer remote viewing and our technical support service.

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