The summer months are upon us, the months where groups of families and friends are flocking to grassy fields to enjoy their summer holiday and sleep under the stars! Stay Safe this summer while staying at campsites and caravan parks by following our safety steps. A safe holiday is a fun holiday! With a good understanding of fire safety – You can keep potential fire risks to a minimum.Follow our simple steps to stay safe!

  1. Remain calm if a fire breaks out!
  2. Get everyone to safe place away from the fire and call for help.
  3. Ensure everyone who is in your party knows the protocol should a fire arise.
  4. Pitch tents at least 6M apart to help prevent the spread of a fire.
  5. Avoid open fires.
  6. Make yourself aware of the firefighting equipment which is available on the campsite.
  7. Have a full bucket of water next to your tent.
  8. Never use a BBQ inside a tent! Even when it is just cooling down – Carbon monoxide kills!
  9. Do not smoke inside a tent.
  10. Never use candles inside a tent – use the safe option of a torch!
  11. Avoid using a BBQ when alcohol has been consumer – This can affect a person’s judgement.
  12. Ensure that you have the right fire equipment in your caravan.
  13. Start your holiday by testing your fire alarm each time you arrive.
  14. Have a fire evacuation plan – make note where the evacuation points are on the site and agree to this being the meeting point.
  15. Dispose of your BBQ safely. Make sure that the BBQ is fully extinguished by pouring water onto it. Only put the BBQ in a rubbish bin when the contents have cooled down fully. Note that this will take several hours.

Having said that, it is no secret that we all love a good outdoor fire (one of which is fully under control of course) – to toast our marshmallows on and warm out hands until the early hours. But what precautions should we take when we are collecting our firewood?

  1. Only build a campfire in designated areas where they are permitted.
  2. Choose your site wisely, build your campfire at least 15 feet from tents, greenery or any other flammable objects.
  3. Do not ever cut whole trees or even their branches, these are often the home for birds and wildlife. Buy firewood before you go, or collect sticks from the ground. Be kind to nature!
  4. Keep aerosol cans away from the fire. These are highly flammable and can cause harmful fumes or even explode.
  5. Never leave your campfire unattended – supervise ALL children and pets at all times!
  6. Leave the wood to burn completely to ash.
  7. Pour water over the fire until the hissing sound stops – make sure all the embers are drowned.
  8. With a shovel, scrape any wood which may be still in the fire to remove any smouldering embers.
  9. … And of course last but not least, get your timings right! You don’t want to be eating burnt marshmallows.

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