…and how to avoid them!

holiday security Have you slipped up with your security this summer? Sizzling sunshine and holiday plans can put your home security at risk. But don’t worry, you can count on Keybury for complete peace of mind. We’ve listed the most common summer security slip ups together with our tips to avoid them. Summer sees sneak in burglaries rise as we relax and so do security measures. The warmer weather encourages us out of our homes and the lighter evenings keep us out for longer. Criminals know this and take advantage of these empty homes and easier access.   Moving House

Slip up: An open invitation

This is one of the most obviously and common summer security slip up. Many people leave doors unlocked when they are playing or weeding in the garden. Sneak in thieves use this opportunity to quickly grab anything easily available.

Solutions: Apps and Keys

Modern security systems are the solution. Perimeter security can give homeowners alerts when anyone approaches the house. Keybury intruder alarms come with a handy door chime. This warns those nearby that the door has been opened and stops the sneak in burglar by removing the sneak element. It is useful for parents of young children who may open the door. The best advice is to keep the door locked at all times, when you’re at home and out enjoying the garden.   iconfinder instagram 317738

Slip up: Social situations

It’s 2019, the social era is here; If it’s not on social media did it even happen? Checking in on Facebook and tagging your location on Instagram lets everyone know that you’re in the place to be. Publicly sharing your location lets people know that you’re not at home. Criminals use social media as a tool and are quite clever at piecing together the information they have to find easy targets. Checking in at the airport, the pub or a festival could put your home security at risk.

Solution: Get Setting Savy

Check your social media settings. Who are you sharing your information with? Who can access your profile and your posts?  If you check in at a venue will this information be restricted to those you know of open for anyone to see? Could you save up your photos to post when you get back? If you can’t resist posting your “on the beach” photos make sure they’re only seen by people you know and trust.

summer security slip-ups

Slip up: Windows of opportunity

It’s obvious that everyone opens their windows in warmer weather. The weather in the UK doesn’t warrant air conditioning in our homes just yet and we do need to keep cool. Unfortunately, the criminals know this and are looking for an opportunity to reach in and grab what they can.

Solution: Lock down

Close and lock your windows whenever you’re out – even in the garden. When windows are open make sure nothing of value is left in sight or easy reach of the window. Keep your keys, your wallet and your phone in a safe place away from the window. As much as possible keep ground floor windows closed and locked.   holiday countdown cancel milk

Slip up: Holiday giveaway

Is there anything more exciting than an upcoming holiday? It’s easy to drop it in to every conversation and everyone will be green with envy at your upcoming travels! There are lots of giveaways to those scouting for easy pickings. Houses with milk bottles left on the doorstep, post sticking through letter box or bins left out are easily identified as unoccupied.

Solution: Take the scout’s approach (Be Prepared)

Our holiday countdown blog tackles this one head on. As well as all the usual holiday preparations, prepare your home for holidays too with a little help from your neighbours. Take a few simple steps to make your home look lived in whilst you’re away. You could use timers for the lights and cancel your milk delivery.   summer security app

Slip up: Out of sight, out of mind

Going on holiday is about getting away from it all. Leaving your home unchecked for an extended period can lead to a nasty surprise on your return. No one wants to arrive home to discover a leak, a fire, a power cut or a break in.

Solution: Keep an eye on things

Some people ask a trusted friend or family member to check on their home and to keep a spare key in case on emergency. The step up from this is to have a keyholder response on your intruder alarm. This is available from approved companies. You can also get the ultimate peace of mind in app form. The app can send notifications from your intruder alarm, smoke detectors and home security cameras. You can also view your CCTV cameras and internal WiFi cameras within the same app. Book a free quotation with one of our surveyors to find out more about how it works.   gala summer security

Slip up: Big Events & Key Dates

There are some dates in the calendar which nobody wants to miss. Whether it’s a key local event like the village gala or the local music festival, if it’s a big day in your area criminals know that there will be lots of empty houses.

Solution: Don’t blend in

Just as you want your gala costume or festival hair to stand out, make sure your home stands out as secure. Reports say that CCTV cameras are a key deterrent to burglars. Cameras and signage can certainly put them off. A clearly functioning alarm from a reputable firm will encourage would be intruders to pass by your house.

Avoiding Summer Security Slip-ups

Our aim is to help you avoid summer security slip-ups is in tip top condition so that you can relax and enjoy the summer. If you’d like to upgrade your security this summer, get in touch with Keybury for a free quote.
summer security slip-ups

summer security slip-ups