Our team day 2021 had a twist; it took place remotely. Our teams have been competing in the Keylympics – and it’s been a blast!

We host a team building activity day every year, and have done for almost a decade. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to meet all together as a team since the beginning of 2020 for obvious reasons!

So we decided to embark on a bit of remote team building, with everyone competing in Olympic themed activities at home and in the office.

Our growing team

Our team has grown over recent years, so there are new faces in every department across the business. But we haven’t all met each other in real life yet. Thank goodness for all the technology we have to keep our organisation running smoothly when we have to remain remote from one another.

Team Day 2021: The Keylympics

Team day 2021 was an Olympic themed competition dubbed the Keylympics. It involved waste paper basket ball, office chair races and themed team names. Remote workers ran laps of their cars and we fired elastic bands into cups in rubber band archery.

The highly competitive quiz had everyone scratching their heads, though we resisted the urge to google the answers. One of the questions we were puzzling over was:

Which of these four sports has never been an olympic event?

  • Solo Synchronised Swimming (synchronised swimming… on your own)
  • Bossaball (a mix of football, gymnastics and volleyball played on inflatable trampolines to music)
  • Horse Long Jump (exactly what it says on the tin – a horse and rider doing the long jump)
  • 200m Swimming Obstacle Race (swimmers climb up a pole, climb on a row of boats and swim under another row of boats)

The team names were punny to say the least; suggestions included Sebastion Coebury, NSI Gold Medalists, Laura Kennybury and Jessica Ennis-Hillarms.

Mo Faralarms were the overall winners and celebrated with brunch & medal ceremony. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to reconvene together for an in person team building day in 2022.