Have you seen the hashtag #TestItTuesday? It used on social media by fire and rescue services and fire protection providers, like us, to remind you to test your fire alarm. Fire alarm tests are a quick and easy check to make sure your system is working. Weekly testing is a requirement of BS5839 to make sure the fire alarm in your business is working as it should to protect the people and premises where you work.

How to carry out a fire alarm test

If you’re unsure of how to test your fire alarm help is available. Our engineers can walk you through what to do when they service, take over or install a fire alarm in your business premises. For customers with a Keybury fire alarm service contract, our engineers can talk you through a fire alarm test over the phone. We also have this handy guide on fire alarm testing which includes a “how-to” video.

Fire Safety for Business

Businesses who have had a Keybury Fire Risk Assessment can use our online portal to keep a log of fire safety actions including weekly tests. Alternatively, use the paper log book in your alarm panel to record fire alarm services, tests and full evacuations. The log book also records any issues or faults and action taken to rectify them. If your fire alarm panel is showing a fault, or making a bleeping noise, get in touch with Keybury. We’re BAFE and NSI Gold approved for Fire Alarm Design, Installation, Commissioning and Servicing. Our experienced engineers can identify and resolve faults on fire alarm systems. A nominated officer should carry out the tests and keep the log books updated. It’s a good idea to set a reminder on your calendar and remember to make sure your staff know when a regular fire alarm test will take place.

… and home

Have you tested your fire alarm recently? Perhaps you regularly test your business fire alarm to ensure you’re meeting your duty as responsible person. Have you checked your domestic smoke alarms at home recently? Keybury maintain fire alarms for landlords in domestic premises.  For homeowners, we can link your domestic smoke alarms to your intruder alarm to give you alerts on your smart home app.  

fire alarm test prizeCompetition time

We regularly post on social media reminding you to test your fire alarm. In a recent post, one of our followers admitted that they hadn’t tested their fire alarm. So we’ve launched a competition to encourage you to test your fire alarm. To enter, all you have to do it:
  1. ?Take a picture/video/boomerang of you testing your fire alarm at home or at work.
  2. ?Share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter either tag us in your photo/video or share it in the comments below.
Share your #TestItSelfie to be entered into a draw to win a goodie bag full of red hot goodies & fire safety kit. The prize includes a bottle of Red Fruits “Fire” gin, a packet of Fiery crisps, a bottle of hot sauce and a Keybury fire blanket.
We’re running this competition across our social pages for the next two weeks. You can enter up to the end of Monday 25th November 2019. We’ll draw & announce the winner on our social media pages on Tuesday 26th November 2019 at 1pm. Good luck! Get testing!?  

***Updated 26-11-19***

And the winner is…