Dark nights are getting longer as the clocks go back

This Sunday morning is that time of year again as we all get that extra hour in bed! By now practically every clock in our homes is programmed to correct itself for the time change, except for the odd manual wall clock and the pesky microwave…

If you have had your alarm system fit in the last few years, it is likely this will also adjust the time by itself, however, if your’s appears to be telling the wrong time it may be easier than you think to change!


Our customer help page on Facebook contains written instructions and step by step videos to help you change the time on your alarm control panel.  You can also find the videos on YouTube by simply searching for “Keybury Security”.

On the downhill slope to winter, remember to make sure your home is protected.  Why not check our previous blogs about reviewing your home security.

For more information or advice on changing the time on your alarm panel or to talk about reviewing your home security, get in touch with us by calling the office on 01535 66 11 97 or visiting our contact page.

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