Upgrading to HD CCTV is like getting a pair of reading glasses after years of struggling with blurry writing.

How long ago was your CCTV system installed? Many businesses first had CCTV installed in their premises ten or twenty years ago or longer. As technology has improved, so the quality of cameras and images has vastly increased. Even home CCTV systems offer incredibly clear images in 2022.

Imagine still watching the same TV that you had as a child. Compare the image quality to the TV you currently have. We’re not still watching grainy black and white shows (oops we’re really showing our age here!) are you? To get better quality TV, you need a whole new TV system. But to get better quality CCTV, did you know you don’t have to invest in an entirely new system? There are options to upgrade your existing system. Our Director Patrick featured one example of a HD CCTV upgrade that our team had carried out on a recent LinkedIn post.

Upgrading to HD CCTV: What’s the difference?

Many businesses can save money on CCTV installation by upgrading their existing CCTV system to HD. But what is the difference between analogue CCTV and HD CCTV? Analogue CCTV picture quality was measured in “TV lines”. First 400 TV lines, then the quality improved to 600. Analogue reached 720 TV lines around the dawn of HD quality images which began with 1080p. Now many businesses benefit from extremely high quality images. HD CCTV cameras offering 8, 12 and higher megapixel images.

Ultimately, the difference in this image quality can be the difference between identifying criminals on your property, or being able to observe your premises in the detail you require.

It’s not all about the cameras!

Analogue CCTV systems were installed on old style COAX cabling; with RG59 being the cabling of choice for installing analogue cameras. New HD CCTV camera systems are installed using CAT 5E or CAT 6 cabling for the highest quality. However they do work on COAX cabling.

Some upgrades to HD CCTV can utilise existing COAX cabling by adding data convertors and adding new CAT 6 cabling to migrate over from the old analogue to the new HD system. This type of upgrade is cost effective, saving businesses money compared with a completely new CCTV installation. It also minimises disruption to the business during installation.

CCTV cameras offer an increasing range of functionality, including facial recognition, number plate recognition and video analytics. Monitored CCTV and app control cameras are also popular options for businesses.

Are you considering a CCTV upgrade for your business? Visit our dedicated CCTV page to read more about PTZ cameras, ANPR cameras and monitored CCTV systems. You can book a free appointment with one of our professional experienced surveyors for a no obligation quotation to upgrade CCTV at your business. Contact us directly on 0800 458 7486, complete our form or book online.